Lorenzetti Acqua Storm Ultra Electric Showerhead Heater

Lorenzetti Acqua Storm Ultra Electric Showerhead Heater


Following Acqua Ultra’s world-class architectural and design trends, the Acqua Ultra line features modern, innovative finish with square lines, compact, ultra-thin design, “Similar to Cold Shower Design.”
The Acqua Ultra Line features the exclusive Loren Ultra Heating Element, the first flat heating element in the market. It is a development with more than five years of studies that guarantees high performance and long duration.
The Acqua Storm Ultra shower has a unique and unforgettable shower.

Package includes: Electric Shower Head + RCD 40A + Shower Hose + Shower Handle + Installation Guide


One Year Warranty Included

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Before installing the appliance: Read and follow all installation instructions.

This appliance must be installed by a qualified person.

To reduce the risk of injury, close supervision is necessary when the appliance is used by children, elderly and people with reduced physical sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge.

Do not use the product if you think it may be frozen.

Keep this manual in a safe place once your appliance has been installed. You may need to refer to it for general instructions or future maintenance.

Run dedicated and adequate wires from also dedicated and adequate circuit breaker on the main switchboard to the appliance (Img. 02). Such installation should take into consideration the voltage (V), power rating (W) and distance from the appliance to the main switchboard, by following its requirements on the technical characteristics table.

Never attempt to install, disassemble, inspect or repair the appliance without shutting off all power to the unit by means of the exclusive circuit breaker on the main electrical switchboard.

The plumbing installation must be completed before the electrical installation.

The minimum income water pressure to activate the appliance is 1.0 mca (1.5 Psi or 10 kPA or 0.10 Bar).

The maximum income water pressure is 40 mca (58Psi or 400kPa or 4 Bar). Residential plumbing systems with unstable pressure or pressure above than recommended require the installation of a pressure stabilizer valve.

The water outlet (1/2” BSP thread) must be flat level to the wall. If it’s too deep inside the wall, install an extension device (not included) limited at the maximum 8mm outward the wall. Before installing the appliance, run water through to drain out all plumbing dirt and to purge out any air bubbles/pockets and make sure there are no leaks.

Water quality and pressure may have an impact on the lifespan of the heating element, as well as on the appliance. These factors are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

The Quick Coupling Nipple comes with an automatic water pressure reducer (Img. 04). Do not remove the device – subject to warranty loss.

Place PTFE (Teflon) tape around the nipple thread and lubricate the o-ring with the lubricant oil, included in the kit (Img. 05).

Screw the nipple into the water outlet, keeping it in the vertical position. Do not use tools (Img. 06).

Lubricate the whole o-ring on the spreader ducts (Img. 07).

Align the ducts in their respective connections and insert to latch. Check for a perfect alignment between the body and the spreader.

Align the nipple inlet on the body along to the nipple on the wall and push the body, by hands, to couple the appliance until hearing a “click” of latching (Img. 08). Check if the body is firmly latched by pulling it gently.

To unlatch the body, press the lock button on the top and pull the body until it’s removed from the wall (Img. 08).

The appliance needs to be horizontally leveled. The adjustment is done by twisting two screws (left and right), located internally. Remove the bottom cover by pushing the side locks (Img. 09). Place the cover back once the appliance is well leveled.

Install the hose holder on the wall in a way that it does not block the water flowing through it, and at a height easily to reach by hands. Note: Check the pipes position into the wall to ensure they won’t be drilled during the hose holder installation ( Img. 10). Pull and push (open and close) the hand shower head to use it (Img. 11). Close the hand shower after use. In case of no install of the hose and hand shower, place the hose plug to shut the water outlet.

Warning: Before connecting it to the cables and to prevent the burning of the heating element, open the shower tap to run water through and to fill up the inner heater chamber. Check for any water leakage and shut the shower tap off.

Repeat this operation whenever the product is removed and reinstalled.

To open the hand shower, pull itself out. To close the hand shower, push itself in (Img. 11).

IMPORTANT: Always close the hand shower after use.

For safety reasons, the power supply/circuit breaker to the appliance must be disconnected or switched off before any installation or maintenance.

Provide the installation of a junction box 13 cm above the water outlet (Img. 12).

Connect/splice the power cable/wire to the shower wires and make sure they are well tight and secure. Use adequate connectors or terminals (not included). Do not connect it by a plug and socket.

Warning: In order to prevent the risk of electric shocks, make sure to connect the grounding wire of the appliance (green or green/yellow cable) to the grounding system.

The electrical installation and grounding system of this appliance shall be performed by qualified people. Do not use the neutral wire for grounding.

Turn the circuit breaker on at the main switchboard where the appliance is connected to. Turn the temperature selector at desired position at the appliance (Img. 13).

Open the shower tap and the appliance will turn on automatically.

The water temperature can be set or change while the appliance is running. It can also be set by increasing or decreasing the water flow, adjusting it through the shower tap.

Warning: This appliance can heat the water over than suitable for shower. Adjusting the water temperature on the appliance shall be taken to prevent the risk of scalding.

The Acqua Duo model has 02 stream jets in a single product: the big spreader, with more volume of water and the small one with a concentrated and steerable jet. The shower jet choice is given by turning the selector next to the spreader. The same rod for the temperature setting can be coupled to the jet selector (Img. 14).

Set the jet direction moving the small shower (Img. 15).

The electric shower is the most economical heating system available (Source: Cirra / USP 2010). And also, on hotter days, this product allows to further increase the savings of electricity and water consumption: by turning the rod towards lower heating temperatures, adjust the temperature with the shower tap for saving equally having pleasant showers.

Never attempt to install, disassemble, inspect or repair the appliance without shutting off all power to the unit by means of the exclusive circuit breaker on the main electric switchboard.

External Cleaning: Use only damp cloth, without any chemical.

Internal cleaning of the spreader: Hardness (high mineral content), dirt and debris in the water can affect the well functioning of the appliance. Obstruction of the spreader holes causes diminution of the water flow and/or deforming jets, it is recommended to clean the spreader by following the steps below in Img. 16:

Use a soft bristles brush to clear the holes. After cleaning, install the spreader back to the body, run water through the appliance, making sure there are no leaks, the water is flowing uniformly and unobstructed through the spreader. Then turn the circuit breaker on.

After cleaning, put the spreader back (Img. 17).

Once the spreader is coupled again, let water run through in order to ensure the cleanup. Check if the water flow is normal, to provide you a pleasant bath. Repeat this operation whenever an obstruction is found due to a low water flow or when the water does not flow out vertically (twisted jets). When the cleanup is finished, and after passing water through the product, turn the circuit breaker on.

Dirt and impurities in the water may affect the operation of this product.

If the water supply presents this characteristics, provide the installation of devices / filters (see Lorenzetti’s Loren Acqua Line) able to prevent dirt and debris from reaching the product. Make sure that such devices do not compromise the minimum working pressure.

Do not tamper the living contactors setting, to ensure a secure operation.

If you have any questions, contact a qualified person.

Read the table below, before requesting thecnical support.

Water is not hot enough. High water flow. Reduce the flow rate via the shower tap.
Very low temperature of the incoming water. Reduce the flow rate via the shower tap.
Low setting temperature position. Set the temperature selector at higher position.
Electrical Installation Malfunction (low voltage). Contact a qualified technician/electrician to revise your electrical installation by checking the cables/wiring conditions.
Water is very hot. Low water flow. 1) Increase the water flow rate via shower valve/tap or;
2) Set the temperature selector at lower position.
No water running. Jet spreader blockage. The jet spreader must be cleaned periodically to prevent blockages on the holes.
No water supply. Check if the main valve and/or the shower tap are open.
Air pockets in the pipeline. With the shower turned OFF (cold water), let the water run until the air pockets are purged and the flow is stable.
Water is cold or the appliance is not working. Circuit Breaker or Shower is turned off. Turn the breaker or the shower on.
Burning of the heating element (*). Replace the heating element.
The circuit breaker is tripping off.
Failing of the grounding system. Fix the grounding system by consulting a qualified electrician.
Sharing electrical connection with another appliance. Provide an exclusive and well-sized installation for the appliance.
1) Wear due to normal use. Water quality impacts considerably on the element’s longevity.
2) Premature burning due to electrical installation malfunction or lack of water in the heating chamber (see previous solution table).
3) None of the points above is warranty covered.
The supply cord must not be replaced by the consumer. If the cord is damaged, take the appliance to technical service.
Never attempt to install, disassemble, inspect or repair the appliance without first shutting off all power to the unit by means of the circuit breaker on the main electrical switchboard.

Before purchasing a new element for replacement, confirm the features of the old one by removing the bottom cover and pushing the locks on both sides (Img. 18). See a label marking the voltage and power; put the cover back again. For your safety: Disconnect the main or exclusive circuit breaker from the shower on the switchboard before the replacement or maintenance.

Remove the cover pushing the locks simultaneously. Pull the levers to release the element, pulling it out (Img. 18). Place the new element, watching that the metal pins are visible. Align the levers to the element latches. Push the element so that the latches engage the levers. Push the levers to insert and set the element. Put the cover back again.

Place the new element, watching that the metal pins are visible (Img. 19).

Align the levers to the element latches (Img. 19).

Push the element so that the latches engage the levers (Img. 19).

Push the levers to insert and set the element (Img. 19).

Put the cover back again (Img. 19).

IMPORTANT: Open the shower tap to fill the heating chamber and avoiding the burning of the heating element. Make sure there are no leaks. If so, repeat the assembly operation.

Follow these guidelines whenever the product is removed for any reason.


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