About us

Archive Photo (Dated 1996, Previous Quincaillerie A1 Shop, currently demolished)

In the heart of Vacoas, a family-owned business embarked on a journey that would shape its destiny and leave an indelible mark on the industry. What began as a humble enterprise in the 1930s, focused on the sale of foodstuffs, soon evolved into something much grander. The family behind this endeavor saw an opportunity, a vision that would ultimately lead to a transformative shift. They recognized the demand for quality hardware and seized the moment.

In 1986, Wan Trading Co Ltd was born, and under the familiar banner of Quincaillerie A1, a legacy was solidified. A defining moment arrived in 1992 with the completion of the A1 Building, an iconic landmark that would serve as our company’s trading hub.

From the very start, Wan Trading Co Ltd embarked on a mission to expand its brand portfolio and foster collaborative partnerships with suppliers spanning multiple countries. This commitment to sourcing the finest products at competitive prices, coupled with exceptional service, became our hallmark. Over the years, our reputation grew in tandem with our extensive network of clients, encompassing both retail and wholesale sectors.

Today, Wan Trading Co Ltd stands at the forefront of innovation. We are dedicated to enhancing the customer experience through the integration of cutting-edge technologies. Simultaneously, our unwavering commitment remains: to provide the Mauritius and Rodrigues markets with the highest quality products at the most accessible prices. Our journey continues, driven by a legacy of excellence and a vision for a brighter future.

Join us on this exciting path of progress, where tradition meets innovation, and where the best is always made better.